KBW Investments, a portfolio group based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, works across a diverse array of sectors. Founded in 2013, the Group’s members operate synergistically and span several continents. The KBW Investments group of companies are active in sectors including construction, manufacturing, engineering, project management, automation, technology, and more.

The existing portfolio includes both larger scale established heritage companies and younger enterprises poised to scale. Areas of Group interest include early stage technology investments, driven primarily by the Group’s founder and Chairman HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal in his capacity as founder and Chief Executive Officer of sister company KBW Ventures.

These undertakings stem from Chairman Khaled bin Alwaleed’s interest in technology as a transformative societal agent of change, together with its limitless uses and applications.

The KBW Investments operational strategy is reflected by its diverse spectrum of companies. Together, these companies match current and future market needs, collectively strengthening the Group’s capabilities.

Striving to infuse studied, positive risk for stakeholders, the Group invests in high potential enterprises with the power to generate additional growth opportunities.

KBW Investments continues to diversify its holdings by selecting companies that may or may not have strong financial results or asset positions, but that do show signs of high return potential and capability to scale if given the resources- thereby creating significant value and long-term benefits for the stakeholder.