KBW Investments (KBW), established by Chairman HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal, announces the launch of Crestmount Capital , dedicated exclusively to the Islamic finance sector. In tandem with the founding of the Crestmount the company today confirmed that Crestmount Fund I, a fully Sharia-compliant real estate investment fund (REIF), has attained the full commitment of AED267 million.

Crestmount Fund I, with plans to immediately deploy the raised amount into five separate Australian Sharia-compliant projects at a local market value of $100 million (AUD), privately circulated the opening investment opportunity under the guidance of Amanie Advisors. The projects targeted for the capital, at varying stages of progress, are residential developments conceptualized and developed by the largest Sharia compliant developer in Australia, PietyTHP Developments.

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